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We regularly meet people who are unsure exactly how much of their existing conservatory might need replacing? And this is a very valid question to ask.

They are convinced that they would like a new solid roof to either improve the looks and performance of their conservatory or because perhaps their old roof is simply past its best and needs replacing.

 But what about the rest of the structure?

  • Are the window and door frames still serviceable?
  • Will the existing frames take the weight of the new roof?
  • Is the base work sound?
  • Will the base still support the new structure?
  • What about Building Regulations Compliance?


Having completed well over 500 solid roof projects now, 75% of which are refurbishments, we have the knowledge, experience and professionalism to offer you sound guidance regarding the quality and stability of your existing structure and can advise you accordingly about what does or does not need to be replaced.

You are dealing with the company Directors and Managers when discussing your project with All Season, there are no “sales gimmicks”, “technical jargon” or “smoke and mirrors”. We concentrate on straight forward advice with properly costed options so that you can make your decisions with confidence knowing that you are in full possession of the proper facts with any options clearly priced.

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