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At All Seasons, we pride ourselves on delivering quality products that stand the test of time.  Many of our clients and potential customers frequently inquire about the benefits and advantages of investing in our solid roofs. As a response to this growing interest, we’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions.  Whether you’re concerned about durability, aesthetics, or return on investment, we’re here to answer all your queries and ensure you make an informed decision.

Can I replace my Conservatory Roof to a Solid or Tiled Roof and will I need to change the Window and Door Frames too?

The vast majority of homes in the UK will be able to upgrade their conservatory into an all year-round living space by replacing or refurbishing their roof. New Window and Door frames may also be required (infrequent) or simply desired? (more likely).

All Season have very experienced Sales Managers, Surveyors and Installation Teams. It is our job to assess your home and give you professional advice with costed options surrounding what solutions best suit your project.

Will a Solid Roof really help solve the temperature problems in my Conservatory?

A resounding YES!

First look at the THEORY involved. You now have multiple layers of insulation, plus timber deck, plus roof tiles, plus plaster board whereas before you had 25mm of glass or polycarbonate if you were lucky. Your roof is absolutely guaranteed to be incredibly better thermally. The suns infra-red rays can now no longer penetrate the glazing and create the “greenhouse effect” to overheat your conservatory and in the winter whereas currently all of your heat simply vanishes through the roof once replaced or refurbished the new insulated roof will prevent heat loss.

And now look at the FACTS involved. We have installed over 500 roofs! WE KNOW THEY WORK because countless numbers of clients have confirmed that they have a room they can now live in all year round with reduced heating bills for the whole ground floor as the conservatory is no longer sucking the heat out of the home.

Won’t I lose light by installing a Climate Roof?

This is a very common concern. All we can tell you is that in our experience (over 500 installations) the room does not lose light. We attribute 2 reasons for this:

a. Everyone paints the new ceiling white if plastered or choses white PVC panels which reflects a lot of light back into the conservatory.

b. This is still a room with far more windows than any other room in the house – how can it be dark?

Also, please remember that our SkyPod Orangery Roof lets light in and that both our Tiled Roof and Thermal Wrap Roof both have the option to install a Velux style roof light.

Will my Conservatory be strong enough to take the weight of the new roof?

YES. All three Roof Options, Gold, Silver and Bronze have been ENGINEERED AS REPLACEMENT ROOFS.

They are not simply roofs that have been “dragged in” with the hope that they work. Our very experienced Sales Manager will make a few simple structural checks at the quotation stage and your conservatory will be thoroughly inspected and measured by our surveyor before any products are ordered. We have installed over 500 roofs, your home is safe in our hands

Is it really possible for a Climate Roof to reduce noise?

The simple answer is yes. One of the side effects of improving roof thermal insulation is that when using foam or quilt insulation as we do in all three of our roof options, these products along with the timber deck, roof tiles and plasterboard also reduce sound transmission through the roof giving a quieter room.

Furthermore, The Gold, Silver and Bronze replacement conservatory roofs will not “Drum” in heavy rain like polycarbonate roofs do.

What about Condensation?

A correctly engineered and professionally installed replacement tiled conservatory roof or refurbished existing conservatory roof will not create any condensation issues.

Do you think it will add value to my home?

When considering a replacement conservatory roof the answers is almost certainly yes. Think of your buyer looking around your home. With a new Solid Roof installed they see a room that looks great and they can use all year round, they will begin to plan how they can best use this space.

With a glass or polycarbonate roof they see a room that they know needs to be refurbished or replaced – which scenario do you think will allow you to sell your home more quickly and at a better asking price?

Will I need planning permission or building regulations?

The vast majority of UK homes will not need planning permission to replace or refurbish their conservatory roof. However, if you are living in a “conservation area” or your home is a “listed building” then yes you may well need to seek planning permission and you should contact your local authority for a definitive answer.

With regard to Building Regulations there are technicalities at your home which should be and will be checked by both our Sales Manager at quotation stage and again by our Surveyor at survey stage. Should we feel that a building regulations certificate should be obtained then we will advise you accordingly and we will apply for the certificate on your behalf. Learn More Here

How long will it take?

GOLD Full Replacement Conservatory Roof should normally be completed in around 5-7 working days dependant largely upon the size of roof.

SILVER Tiled and Insulated conservatory roofs again will be installed in around 5-7 working days dependant upon roof size.

BRONZE Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels including all insulation and cladding will generally be completed in around 2-3 working days again dependent upon roof size.

How much does a Conservatory Roof Replacement cost?

Impossible to say without visiting your property.

To give an accurate quote (what good is a guestimate?) then we need to visit your home and firstly agree the size, style, shape and roof materials you require then we need to consider access, drainage, sewer pipes, conservatory condition, foundation/base/wall condition, planning permission and building regulations certification.

These checks sound more onerous than they actually are but only then can we give you an accurate price, properly costed from known choice’s and known conditions. What is the point of accepting a guesstimate then receiving a shock when the contractor turns up on site and discovers many things he has not accounted for?

Our Sales Managers who will visit your home are very experienced professionals. Along with their own experience they are a telephone call away from the company Surveyors and Directors. They do not work on commission, are not pushy and never pressurise our clients.

Can I utilize my existing conservatory roof?

All Season Conservatory Roofs offers three roof solutions being Gold, Silver and Bronze. Our SILVER roof solution does indeed utilize your existing conservatory roof frame.

Our Experienced Sales Managers will give you good professional advice surrounding all three roof options and which option or options are suitable for your project. Additionally, their advice is always checked by our experienced Surveyors when you place an order for a solid conservatory roof before any materials are ordered or installed. There will be no surprises with All Season.

What If I want to change the window and door frames?

No Problem. We supply and install a range of PVC and Aluminium superior door and window systems.

Can I change the walls or base?

Yes you can. We have made many alterations to walls and bases to facilitate the changes our clients want to make to improve their living space. Also, we can start again and build from scratch if you require.

Why is this a better alternative to fitting blinds?

Blinds will improve the thermal performance of your roof but only very marginally. Blinds are literally paper thin, how can that compare with multiple layers of foam and/or quilt insulation, timber decking, tiles and plaster board? The answer is that it cannot and that is why we have replaced many roofs that have roof blinds fitted.

How about high performance roof glass?

When we were building conventional conservatories we used to install the best roof glass that Pilkington could supply, with all the bells and whistles and this was the best product available at that time.

Now however, we have Solid Roof Systems that are radically better than even the best thermal roof glass. At the end of the day how can a 24mm double glazed roof glass compete with multiple layers of insulation, timber decking, tiles and plaster board? The answer is that it cannot and that is why we changed to installing Solid Roofs that work 100% of the time no matter what they British weather is doing.

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